Sliding Track

Sliding track system is extremely popular. It can be opened and closed to allow vehicles to pass through quickly & easily using the pull cord system. It is particularly useful where large loads or cars need to pass through without strips dragging across them. PVC strip curtains on sliding track can be left open open on warm days or through out the summer. There are various configurations available ie - one half static/one half sliding, or both halves sliding. Curtains sliding out of the opening either Bi-parting or uni-directionally.


  • Opens in seconds to allow free access.
  • Avoids damage to cars and other road vehicles.
  • Many different options and configurations.
  • Avoids wear & tear of the curtain strips.
  • Allows free access to large heavy vehicles.
  • Product Availability Price
    Bi-parting sliding kit
    Stockcode: SLIDBI-P
    Next day £77.50 ex VAT
    (£93.00 inc VAT)
    Half static/half sliding kit
    Stockcode: SLID1/2stat
    Next day £77.50 ex VAT
    (£93.00 inc VAT)
    Uni-directional sliding kit
    Stockcode: SLIDUNI
    Next day £77.50 ex VAT
    (£93.00 inc VAT)