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Crash Doors

For workplaces where strip curtains may not be suitable due to delicate goods, crash doors provide a flexible and robust solution. Like PVC strips, these provide quick access to key areas, while still preventing the movement of dust, sound, and pests. With a lower section made of durable rubber, the upper PVC portion of the doors allows for visibility in both directions.

A great feature of these doors is their dependable hinges. We’ve produced these to be fully repairable, with replaceable springs.

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  • Flexible Doors 1 item
  • Rigid Doors 4 items
Standard sizes
  1. Single (0.9m width x 2m height) 2 items
  2. Single (0.9m width x 2.1m height) 1 item
  3. Single (1m width x 2.1m height) 1 item
  4. Double (1.8m width x 2m height) 2 items
  5. Double (1.8m width x 2.1m height) 1 item

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How to measure guide

  1. Measure the width of opening A
  2. Measure the height of opening B
  3. Check specifications for PVC/Overlap using “recommended use” in PVC specification table
  4. Specify whether the curtain will be for face or under lintel fixing.
  5. If in doubt, please check with us