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Warehousing & Logistics

In warehouses and logistics centres, PVC curtains need to stand up to constant heavy use. We've got a range of products to meet these needs. Our range of heavy duty 400x4mm strips is ideal for use with forklifts and other bulky traffic. The extra thickness makes them very durable while still retaining flexibility. We also produce ribbed PVC strips that are even longer lasting, as the extra material cushions vehicles or pallets moving through. This range is also specialised for outdoor applications, as the heavier grade PVC is less affected by the elements. It helps keep heat in and cold out, so working environments are more comfortable and energy efficient.

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Standard sizes
  1. Single (0.9m width x 2m height) 3 items
  2. Single (1m width x 2.1m height) 1 item
  3. Double (1.8m width x 2m height) 2 items
Roll Length
  1. 10 Metres 1 item
  2. 25 Metres 1 item
  3. 50 Metres 2 items

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How to measure guide

  1. Measure the width of opening A
  2. Measure the height of opening B
  3. Check specifications for PVC/Overlap using “recommended use” in PVC specification table
  4. Specify whether the curtain will be for face or under lintel fixing.
  5. If in doubt, please check with us