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Clear PVC Sheet

Versatile, durable, and transparent, our clear PVC sheets offer a practical solution for countless applications across various industries. With a wide range of sizes and thicknesses available, these sheets cater to diverse project requirements, ensuring optimal performance and effectiveness.

At our company, we take pride in offering high-quality clear PVC sheets that combine exceptional clarity with robust construction. We stock sheets either 1000mm or 2200mm wide, in thicknesses from 1mm - 10mm.

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Set Descending Direction

How to measure guide

  1. Measure the width of opening A
  2. Measure the height of opening B
  3. Check specifications for PVC/Overlap using “recommended use” in PVC specification table
  4. Specify whether the curtain will be for face or under lintel fixing.
  5. If in doubt, please check with us