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Installation Guides

Aluminium Twin Track

Kenfield Ltd - Twin Track PVC Strip Curtain - Installation Guide

  1. Lay out PVC strip on a flat surface to allow the material to return to pre-packed condition.  Check doorway dimensions match details shown on packing note.  
  2. If track is in more than one piece, join sections with track joiners.  
  3. Fit hanging brackets to top groove of track, equally spaced.  
  4. Drill lintel and fix track, ensuring that it is horizontal (If the track is fixed between walls it will be necessary to slide the strip clamping bolts into track before fixing track to lintel).  
  5. Starting with one coloured edge marker, attach each PVC strip to track by sliding clamp bolts into track and then securing strip and clamp with nuts. Ensure that each strip is hung with convex surface marked ‘F’ facing outwards, thus ensuring that the finished curtain appears.  
  6. Adjust strip positions to achieve uniform overlap across width of curtain.  
  7. When all strips are hung, there should be at least 10mm clearance between bottom of PVC and floor level. Trim if necessary using sharp knife and a board.   

    Before leaving site check:
    • Floor clearance
    • All strips hung right way round
    • Strips clear of obstructions


Hook on Track

Kenfield Ltd - Hook-on PVC Strip Curtain - Installation Guide

The track arrives with pre drilled holes to face fix & under lintel fix. Simply screw hook on track to the wall using appropriate fixings for the size & conditions of the opening. Strips arrive with plates already attached, they simply drop over the hooks to achieve the required overlap. Available in 304 stainless steel and galvanised finish.


Sliding Aluminium Track

Kenfield Ltd - Sliding PVC Strip Curtain - Installation Guide 


Hygienic Wall & Ceiling Cladding Installation Guide

  1. Make sure the wall is clean, dry and flat. Check that all surfaces are smooth with no flaking paint, plaster or other material.
  2. Ensure the panels for fixing are flat, dry and clean; ideally they should be at the temperature at which the room will be operating.
  3. The panels can be applied to any wall surface: plaster, board, gypsum, wallpaper, brick, concrete plus many others. They can also be fixed directly onto tiled surfaces provided the tiles are firmly in place.
  4. These are general guidelines intended as a brief guide to installation, individual situations may vary.

How to measure guide

  1. Measure the width of opening A
  2. Measure the height of opening B
  3. Check specifications for PVC/Overlap using “recommended use” in PVC specification table
  4. Specify whether the curtain will be for face or under lintel fixing.
  5. If in doubt, please check with us