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Bespoke EN1598 Welding PVC Strip Curtains

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Bespoke EN1958 Welding PVC Curtains

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Ideal for use in static welding screens which require frequent access through the strips, this light weight material is EN1598 certified and will protect you

Overlap Guide

Partial Overlap
Internal – Light duty

Recommended strip thickness 1.7mm to 2mm
200mm wide 1 hook each side 35%  
300mm wide 1 hook each side 25%  
400mm wide 2 hooks each side 55%
Maximum Overlap
External – Heavy duty

Recommended strip thickness 3mm to 4mm
200mm wide 2 hooks per side 78%  
300mm wide 3 hooks per side 78%   
400mm wide 4 hooks per side 98%
Enter a value between 0001 and 100000000

Maximum 5 characters

Enter a value between 0001 and 6000

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Measure curtain height in millimetres.


Measure curtain width in millimetres.

Maximum overlap

(80% - 100%)

Curtain will be heavier, will hang better and provide a better barrier but will cost a little more.

Minimum overlap

(40% - 56%)

Curtain will be lighter weight and not so heavy duty, but will cost less.


Red marker edge warning strips are a safety feature designed to highlight the edges of the doorway to forklift drivers. Red marker Edge strips are not essential but they are a nice health & safety feature and they look great on a new curtain.

Strip Type

For curtains less than 3m high the 200mm PVC is normally ok. For 3m to 5m high curtains we recommend the 300mm PVC and for curtains over 5m high you should select 400mm PVC. For more detailed information about our PVC range please contact us.

Fixed curtains

PVC strips hang from a fixed track and pedestrians simply push through them.

Sliding curtains

The PVC curtain will move as a whole across the opening. The structural width will be required to the side to accommodate the curtain when fully retracted.

Under Lintel

Under Lintel

Face Fixing

Face Fixing

Clamp Required

Clamps are used on hook type suspension systems, It help in mounting the PVC strip onto the rail.

Strip Size

Light Duty – Suitable for Pedestrian traffic.
200mm x 1mm to 2.7mm
300mm x 2mm

Medium Duty - Suitable for warehouse traffic / forklift.
300mm x 2mm to 3mm
400mm x 2.5mm

Heavy Duty – Suitable for Motorised warehouse traffic.
400mm x 3mm to 4mm

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Delivery & Returns

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Ideal for use in static welding screens which require frequent access through the strip, this light weight material is EN1598 certified and will protect you from all harmful UV rays omitted during the welding process. Our welding curtains are suitable for use in temperatures between -15°C and +50°C. They are available in 3 colours: Red, Green, Bronze

Features of Welding Curtains

  • Available in a thickness of 2mm (0.08") to 300 mm (11.81") wide 
  • Filter all the dangerous lights of arc welding
  • Fireproofed to protect people, equipment and buildings
  • Available in different colours and Transparencies
  • can be Cut and punched to the desired size 
  • can be supplied in 50 meters (164' 0.5'') Long rolls 
  • can be supplied with galvanized or stainless steel hook on track hanging systems 
  • Approved in accordance with ISO EN 25980


Product Name Bespoke EN1598 Welding PVC Strip Curtains


Delivery & Returns


Deliveries are typically made using pallet carriers. The carrier will deliver your goods to the destination you specify when placing your order. We will inform you of the expected delivery date and time for your order before despatch. Please make sure that your goods inwards department is aware of the delivery.

Note: Invoices are sent when goods are shipped. Proof of delivery is available either via your Kenfield online customer portal or by contacting the sales team at 


Returns are handled by our Quality Manager in accordance with our ISO9001 quality management processes. Returned items are receipted, quarantined and inspected before a report is completed to determine the next step. Should you have an issue with a Kenfield product please call the team on 0121 451 3051.

Questions & Answers

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How to measure guide

  1. Measure the width of opening A
  2. Measure the height of opening B
  3. Check specifications for PVC/Overlap using “recommended use” in PVC specification table
  4. Specify whether the curtain will be for face or under lintel fixing.
  5. If in doubt, please check with us